Saturday, March 21, 2009

I Wonder …

A lot of folks have a couple of blogs.  One they make public and present to the world.  One they keep private and use as … well, a journal.

I wonder if using this space as a journal … for as long as I have Internet access, at least … would be cathartic?

No one reads this blog anymore, I’m sure.  It’s been a year or so since I last posted here … who would?

I could safely puke here and no one would find it.  Most of the people reading my main blog don’t even know about this one, and it’d be easy enough to remove any links to the main one and start segregating them.

I could always start a new one altogether and delete this one.  Why not?  They’re free right?

I wonder.


Friday, March 28, 2008

New Witch Hunt Installment!

There's a new installment of my serial novel, Witch Hunt, up on my main blog!

Check it out here.


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Monday, March 10, 2008

Yeah, I Know ...

... I said I was shutting this one down. I am. Really.

But this cool new template was enough to make me wanna play with it. So, I sort of like it and now I'm wondering if I'll keep it. I don't know what I'll do with it, but still ... hmm.

On the other hand, you can still see what I'm up to (and it ain't much) over at my main blog.

God bless, y'all.

Yes, it's still shut down. For now, anyway.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Shutting It Down

Well, for those of you that read this blog, I have some bad news:  In a couple of days, I'll be shutting it down.

I'll probably be deleting it, too.  I don't really know why I've kept my blogger page as long as I have, except that it was my very first blog, and I had sentimental attachment to it.  But I far prefer the flexibility of my Wordpress page, so I'll mostly be updating there.

I'll be doing that over the weekend, and this will probably be my last update.

It's been fun, and thanks for following along.  Update your links, if you will, and you can continue to watch me over at if you're interested.

God bless, all, and if I don't see you again, please know I'm grateful for whatever time you spent with me.


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Update-ish Things

Okay, first off: I have to tell you, those of you that played the Flash-Fiction 2-paragraph game did an outstanding job!  Am-AZING work, y'all!  Thanks for playing!  And if you had fun, the LOML has a site just for this kind of thing.  She wants it to be a fun, creative place for writers to go when they need to loosen their writing muscles, slap their muse around, or just take a break from their projects.  That site is:

The Writers Nesst

She's going to work hard to make it fun, so stop by and get involved.  Tell people about it, too; if you know writers that aren't hanging around in other places and doing those sorts of things, let 'em know they're welcome and can come by.  They can make suggestions, too, if they have a favorite game or a good idea they want to share.  All are welcome, so spread the word!

Again, thanks for taking the time to play, everyone.  I'm going to repost what we've got so far and then, if anyone is still interested, they can add two more paragraphs to it in the comments section of the new post.  The old post will be closed to comments, but I'll add an update link to the new post.

If you didn't get a chance to play, don't worry -- like I said, it's still open, and of course, the Writers Nesst will be available too.  Make your presence known!

Now, as for me -- I've no more software to review.  I really don't.  Most of what I have to say about software has been said, but if you guys know about a cool piece of freeware that you want to find out about, let me know.  I'll check into it for as long as I have the Internet.  Drop me an email, or leave me a comment here.

I've added a contact block to my ever-growing sidebar with a new email address.  Reach me there if the mood strikes you.

My precious wife and I are still hacking through the edits of Ghost Hunters.  Most nights we do one or two chapters, but we've got a ways to go yet.  I think we just finished Chapter 29, so ... only 17 left to go.  Some of the chapters need more ... help, let's say ... than others, so it's hard to do a set number of chapters per day.  We try to do at least two, but lately, we haven't gotten more than just one.  Ahem.  That's a testament to my poor post-writing editing skills, unfortunately, but it's coming along.  When it's finished, it's going to be time to start putting query letters together.  Sherri, if you're still willing to critique and assist with the rest of the process, I'd be very grateful; but if not, that's cool, I know you've got your own stuff hap'ning.  Just let me know.  :)  Like I said, I'm not there yet, but it's coming.

While we're on the topic, I'll need critics and beta readers for the new, updated version.  Raga?  Interested?  Bryce, do you have time or interest?  Anyone?  I'll be looking for help with it soon.

Of course,  Witch Hunt isn't going as well as I wanted.  It's a harder story to write from the get-go.  There's a lot of plotting I have to do, and outlining isn't taking the priority it should.  Bryce's Text Tree program has been a Godsend though; if you're an outliner and haven't tried, it I recommend it.  Highly.

The good news is, I have some idea where the story's going for the immediate future.  I can probably (!) pen more of it before the end of the week.  Now, I've made that promise before, and you all see how it turns out, so I'm not saying I will pen more by the end of the week.  But I have a little path to walk before I run out of rope.

That's for those of you that care about Witch Hunt, of course.  All three of you.  :)

As for our personal situation -- nothing's changed.  Nothing.  We sure can use all the prayers and PPT you can spare us.  Please know we love and appreciate you all, and thank you for your support in our hard time.  It means more than we can say.

God bless, everyone.