Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sweet Victory

The New England Patriots are now, officially, the best team that has ever played.  No other team in history has gone 18-0, INCLUDING THE 1972 MIAMI DOLPHINS.

Hear that, Mercury Morris?  You're second-fiddle now.  Second seat.  The second best team ever, unless you factor in that ALL the teams you played had less than a 40% winning percentage.  ALL of them.  That must've made your trek to the 'Bowl a bit easier, eh?  But the Patriots won't rub your noses in that.  I will, but they won't.  Unlike you, they're proud champions, not arrogant jackasses.  At least, not yet ... time will tell, though.

Still, I think you're a jerk, and you've lost all your big-mouth rights.  You'll deny that, and say that until and unless the Patriots win the Super Bowl, they're not as good, but that's a load of crap.  They've won more games than you did in a single season, and you'll just have to choke that down and like it, punk.  Period.  They've outdone your achievement.  Should they win the big game in two weeks, that will only make you the more ridiculous in your ravings about "only matching" what you did.  That's stupidity itself, and you've already made a big enough ass of yourself, don't you think?

My hat is off to the New England Patriots.  You didn't play well, and were not impressive, but you did win.  (It might have been different if LaDainian Tomlinson were healthy, but hey, you gets what you gets, right?)  I'll be screaming my guts out in two weeks hoping you win the Super Bowl, and hope you don't make it such a nerve-wracking affair for your fans.

Great job, Mr. Belichick and company.  Brady, not so much, but ... you can still redeem yourself.

Nice job, gentlemen.

Let's celebrate, Massholes.  We did it.


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