Thursday, October 26, 2006

Thursday - Just as Anticipated

Things went exactly as I assumed they would yesterday. Late in the day, my contract was terminated. It was not a surprise; it was unpleasant.

I really am not in a position to post stories about being stupid anymore. I've lost the use of one of my favorite words. I learned a valuable lesson about trusting anyone in the workplace. I've learned a valuable lesson about my ability to judge character, and my approach to making anyone anywhere feel "a part of the group."

I will not say anymore about this matter, I think. I have the support of a great many people with whom I worked, and I have very valuable references and the condolences of those who understand the situation. I am not thought of as less of a person due to these events by any of the people that know me the best, and I want to publicly thank them for that support. May God bless you all, and know that if I ever have the opportunity to return the favor, I will. Without hesitation.

My work spoke for itself and my character came through to everyone else in the organization with whom I had contact. I can take great satisfaction in having established myself in that regard, and I will bear no ill will toward anyone. I will carry this forward and do my utmost to put it behind me, gone but not forgotten. Lord help me, not forgotten.

So ... it's over. And things looked very promising today. I will continue to pray and thank the Lord for what He's done.