Monday, December 17, 2007

Genuine Love

I can't tell you how impressive this was to me.  Now that's a true follower.  Today, he's much, much happier.

Congratulations!  It was a hard row to hoe, but you did it.  That's not going to mean much more than not having a perfect bookend season to the undefeated one of 35 years ago, but hey -- a win's a win, right?

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Sanchez333 said...

Thanks for your kind words.

I'm feeling pretty happy right now. Not sure if the buzz will last until after we play the Pats though!

DarcKnyt said...

You're welcome. I have been a fan of teams that went 2-14, 1-15 ... so I know how hard it is to keep supporting them. But things'll get better. Not next week, but soon ... :)

Have a great day!