Friday, July 27, 2007

Silenced by Response ...

Well ... exactly one day after belly-aching about whether I should bother blogging anymore or not, I get two overwhelmingly supportive responses on a couple of my blogs, and on another I get the highest page hit count I've ever had.

I have no idea what happened, or why, but I suspect that Hello Stranger had something to do with it, and my wife did too, probably.  No matter who did it, or if anyone did it (maybe I just had a lucky day), I want to thank anyone and everyone who stopped by to read my blog(s).  I'm truly grateful, and now that I know there are visitors stopping by and taking a peek (even if it's by accident), then I guess the effort of posting is all worthwhile.

Thank you very much.  I'm really touched.

And now, for the next great internal debate: Do I really need four blogs, 2 wikis and a web site?


More fiction this weekend, I'm sure.  I'm having that "I want to write a story" urge now.  Just don't have time to ponder an idea and work it up.

God bless, everyone, and thanks again.

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