Thursday, November 02, 2006

Thursday - One week later

Things are progressing; there are irons in the fire and I hope I won't be out of work much longer. I've gotten some help from some very good people. I've been praying a lot. Full-on panic hasn't set in yet, but it will soon. The little anxiety moments come stronger and a bit more frequently; I've prepared my bladder for immiment release, as Zim would say. But I've had two phone screens and things seem to be okay with both of those. I'm certain face-to-face interviews will follow, but I can't say when.

Nothing much else to say. It's just ... moving. I hope in a forward way, but I can't be certain.

There was some discussion with a recruiter from a consulting firm out of state, but that hasn't progressed any farther that I know of; I've gotten nothing back from them for a couple of days now. I don't hold out much hope, but it would be the best choice for me and my family.

Keep praying for us. We'll do the same for you.


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