Thursday, August 31, 2006

Thursday - Ugh.

All right ... I've changed this stupid blog like five times tonight, and I'm sick of trying.

I wanted the black one; when I originally set the blog up, I didn't see it for some reason, or opted not to use it. I can't remember now. But then, I was going through Blogger's templates, and I found it, and really wanted to use it -- you know, the whole "Darcness" theme thing. My friend here is also using it though, and I didn't want to look like a butt-kisser trying to copy the cool kids; besides, my wife doesn't care for the white-on-black schema, and I couldn't find a font I liked, and I hated the editing ... meh. So I tried an all-gray one that looked okay, but didn't have a "Links" section, and I didn't want to figure out how to screw around with the sidebar that much, so screw it. Finally, I picked this one, but now it looks like a chick-blog. (JK ... it does strike me as feminine, though.)

Anyone have any thoughts? Anyone care? Anyone OUT THERE??

God bless,


Animatrixie said...

I like what you've done with the blog! :) Everyone uses the black one, which is why I changed up the header as best I could so it would look a teeny bit different. The one you have set up now is easy on the eyes and doesn't look chick-like to me!!! I personally like using the black background because it has an appealing assortment of fonts and it's best for displaying artwork...Iv'e got to get an separate art gallery blog going soon....Don't worry, Kakusaka won't be there. ;)

DarcKnyt said...

WOW! No Kakusaka?? How can there be no Kakusaka?? Who's Kakusaka?? ;)

Thanks for being nice, sweetie. I can't wait for your trip to Chicago! Maybe the weather will have crisped sufficiently to make your memories true by then!

If you have time (which you won't) drop us a line (which you won't), and maybe we can have lunch or something (which we won't)!

All those "won't" things are because you're going to be seeing old friends, dealing with old feelings, and hopefully, moving as gracefully as you choose through the slowing healing pain of your loss. I do, however, want to know when you guys are here, so that I can pray in a special way for you during that time.

I sure hope you're okay. Don't let the LA weather get you down ... it's not as autumn-esque here as it will be soon, and by then, you'll be here.

LA is hell, though. ;)

God bless and we love you! We're praying for you! *HUGS*