Saturday, October 01, 2005


Okay, so now I’m back in the swing of things.

There’s a thing on art forums called a “jamboree.” I can’t really tell how that word is used, but it seems to mean either a collection of drawings wherein the artwork meets the criteria set by the person declaring the “jam” (diminutive of “jamboree”), or it means a collaborative effort on a particular project relating to something most closely resembling a comic book. That is to say, you can enter a “jig” in a jamboree which fits the jamboree’s criteria, or you can be part of a “jam” wherein you participate in a collaborative effort to turn out something genuinely comic-esque.

So, when I saw this “jam” over on PJ, I was very excited to see what it would produce, and I haven’t been disappointed so far. But, I couldn’t allow it to go by without trying to participate in this one. I’ve not participated in any draw-offs, any jams, or any collaborations since being a member, mostly because of time limitations, but I felt I could do a decent job on this one if I tried. I should, however, have done something about the color of the pencil lead. I thought I’d like working in only red … and I do, but it doesn’t necessarily scan or read well.

And I didn’t do a background, but I want to add one if I get the time. I should honestly work at this once in a while; I’ve not done a full composition for a long, long time. I want to ensure that I can do a full composition. I’m not entirely confident of that.

Well, anyway, for what it’s worth, here’s my jig:

Of course, this isn’t full-size, but you get the idea. Actually, it looks better smaller, frankly.

This could be a cool avatar, now that I think about it.

So anyway, I want to do more stuff with a purpose like this, because even this fifteen minute to half-hour jig was a ton of fun, and it gave me a purpose for my art. I need that, I think. I need to have a direction for it, so that I can do things differently than I have before. To be really, really honest with you, whomever you may be, I should have sat down and spend some time on this; I should have done the background first, then added Zim in at the end. I should, in short, do things right, and having a direction for my art like this helps.

I added this one later in the same thread; it was sort of a request.

I wonder if I can do sequentials? Hmm.

God bless you, all.


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